Healthy Kids Meals, Cooked Home Style

Organic proteins, natural ingredients


Cooked and Delivered Free Each Week

Ready to serve in under 3 minutes


Nothing Artificial, No Added Salt or Sugars

Never any additives or preservatives


Choose how you want to order

Order your own selection of individual meals or use our convenient monthly ordering service

Benefits of Alis&Lia Kids Meals

Organic Proteins

We use organic lean beef, organic chicken and organic salmon in our meals

No Added Salt or Sugar

No added salt or sugar (no sugar of any kind, even sugar disguised as something else) 

Extra Veggies

At least one portion of vegetables in each meal - even hidden vegetables in our marinara sauce!

High in Protein

High protein meals for your kids' growing muscles

Tasty & Filling

Tasty meals for kids using herbs and spices and a filling meal your kids will not be hungry!

No Nasties

Our meals never use any additives or preservatives and never have artificial flavors or colors 

Fresh home style cooked meals for your kids

  • Fresh, tasty, healthy meals for your kids

    We handcraft our meals using the fresh and natural ingredients, providing tasty, healthy meals for kids 

  • Prepared just for you using freshest ingredients

    Home style cooking, satisfying, packed with flavor - your kids will love our meals  

  • Weekly delivery within Southern California

    Delivered weekly to your door with your choice of ordering individual meals or by monthly ordering

  • Homestyle cooking

    Enjoy a fresh homestyle cooked meal, no added salt or sugar, nothing artificial, no preservatives

Our Customers Love Our Meals

As a working mom I have been searching for quick and easy meals for my children - the only ones I in supermarkets could find were loaded with sugars, salt and preservatives. Alis&Lia meals are nutritious and my children love all of the meals! 

My kids love Alis&Lia and I like the fact that I can serve them a home cooked meal. The meals are very tasty. I am glad that I finally found healthy kids meals with such little salt and sugar content. It makes a big difference.

Our kids love the taste of these meals - they are so quick and easy and I don't need to worry about what to make for our kiddos' dinner. I'm glad to have healthy options for the kids which they actually love to eat!