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I set out to create meals that were quick and easy for you to serve, but also delicious, nutritious  and homestyle, without added salt and sugar and not high in saturated fat. The meals are fresh, contain no nasties and are meals that your kids will enjoy eating. 

If you teach your child from very early on to eat a balanced diet with low salt and sugars this is the diet they are exposed too. Salt and sugar doesn’t mean that the food tastes better but it does mean that it’s not the best choice for children to eat and I am not saying never to give children sweets, or salty but it should be in moderation but the trick is to also try EVERYTHING heathy as well. 

As parents, we can encourage our kids to try many different things and to help choose and prepare food. Hopefully they'll build up their knowledge of flavors and grow up able to make better choices."

With simple tricks and quick meals we can encourage our children to eat healthier and this will encourage our children to pass over to generations to come.