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We believe in giving our kids health, tasty, and nutritious meals. We never add anything artificial, never use preservatives, and never add salt or refined sugars. We want to provide a truly healthy alternative with our Alis&Lia kids meals - but without sacrificing on flavor and taste.

We are all busy, so we want to provide you with home style cooked kids meals which are fresh, delicious, nutritionally balanced and yet are ready to be served in only 3 minutes. Our meals are freshly prepared and delivered to your door - they are ready to be heated and served!


In all Alis&Lia kids meals we use:
  1. Organic Proteins: we use lean organic beef, organic chicken breast, and wild organic salmon, as we believe in using natural and healthy protein. Kids don't need to eat much fat in their diet. 
  2. No added salt or sugar: we don't feel the need to add salt or sugar - we believe that sugar for kids has negative effects and we never add any sugar - and by that we mean no sugar - many other kids meals use corn syrup or refined sugars to sweeten their food to make them more appealing to kids - our meals are packed with flavor so your kids will love them just as they are.
  3. Extra veggies: sometimes our kids don't like to eat veggies, no matter how tasty or healthy they are. To include all of their goodness in our meals, we hide some veggies in our meals by adding lots of veggies into our pasta sauce, in our tomato sauce for our Greek beef stew, in our mac and cheese (sweet potato). All of the benefits and the kids won't even know!
  4. High in protein: All of our meals have high protein content as we believe that your kids need protein for their growing muscles and bodies.
  5. Yummy: best of all, Alis&Lia kids meals are yummy. We don't believe that kids should eat just basic foods, their should be no "kids meals" - we believe that kids should eat just what you and I like to eat - our meals are full of flavor and a range of tastes for developing palettes.